Lemhi County Democrats Voters Guide

Guide to the Ballot – November 6, 2018

Lemhi County is in Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District and Idaho Legislative District 8


  • General election: Nov. 6
  • Pre-registration deadline: Oct. 12
  • Online registration: idahovotes.gov
  • Same-day registration: Yes
  • Early voting: Oct. 2 – Nov. 2
  • Request Absentee Ballots by: Oct 26
  • Voter ID: Photo ID required
  • Poll times: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m

Debate Schedule Idaho Public Television

  • Oct. 11, 8:30 pm: Secretary of State. Lawerence Denney (R) – Jill Humble (D).
  • Oct. 12, 8 pm: Superintendent of public instruction. Sherri Ybarra (R) – Cindy Wilson (D).
  • Oct. 14, 7 pm: Second Congressional District. Mike Simpson (R) – Aaron Swisher (D).
  • Oct. 15, 8 pm: Governor. Jordan and Little meet again.
  • Oct. 17, 8 pm.: Lieutenant governor. Kristin Collum (D); Janice McGeachin (R).
  • Oct. 19, 8 pm  Proposition One, the horse racing initiative.
  • Oct. 26, 8 pm  Proposition Two, the Medicaid expansion initiative.

Voting Locations

Find your voting location online at idahovotes.gov. Click > Voting > Where do I go to vote > enter your address and the page will show your voting location.

Early voting can be done at the Lemhi County Courthouse Oct 2 – Nov 2.

The Candidates


Aaron Swisher for Congress

ID Congressional District 2 House Rep Mike Simpson (R) is challenged by Aaron Swisher (D)

Aaron Swisher has degrees in Economics and Finance from Boise State. Aaron is running to create a better deal for working-class Americans. He believes that anyone working full time should be able to meet their basic needs. Aaron understands that a fairer paycheck will build stronger families and create a thriving national economy. America doesn’t need a bigger bureaucracy, but we do need a government that acts in the best interest of American workers.

Aaron began his campaign by personally phoning hundreds of people in Lemhi County. He has visited Lemhi County several times to meet with citizens and learn about our local issues. Aaron Swisher is a good choice for Congress. He will fight for fairness in government.


Paulette Jordan for Governor

Paulette Jordan (D-Plummer) is challenging Brad Little (R) for Idaho Governor

Paulette has served in the Idaho House of Representatives since 2014. She won her seat against tough odds, beating an incumbent Republican, and successfully ran for a second term two years later. During her tenure she was known for holding the line against harmful legislation.

As a proud member of the Coeur d’Alene tribe, Paulette Jordan was raised to fight for the needs of local communities and to protect our priceless natural resources. She brings her hunting, fishing and outdoorsmanship ethic to her bid for Governor. Paulette fights for better rural education, wider access to healthcare, and stronger economic development in Idaho’s struggling communities. Paulette Jordan is running to build a better future for Idaho’s children.

Kristin Collum for Lt. Governor

Kristin Collum (D) is challenging Janice McGeachin (R) for Lt. Governor

Collum is an Army veteran whose 12 year service included two years at the Pentagon with Gen. Colin Powell. Collum is a U.S. Army veteran, a long-time Idaho resident, wife, mother, and tech leader (with Hewlett-Packard, Micron and Xylem). While passionate about critical issues such as healthcare, education and public lands, she is a data-driven decision maker, committed to finding and fighting for viable solutions to raise Idaho to a level our citizens need and deserve. Kristin is a hard fighter for local veterans.

Kristin has visited Lemhi County to personally learn about our local issues (she loved the Farmer’s Market) and is committed to managing her gubernatorial duties with the efficiency and foresight she learned while serving in the military.

Jill Humble for Idaho Secretary of State

Secretary of State, held by Lawerence Denney (R)  is challenged by Jill Humble (D)

Jill knows that the challenges faced by our nation and our state are ones that our founding fathers never could have imagined. And yet, they created a form of government that CAN address these challenges. Democracy allows all of us, together, to make the decisions that history requires of us today. Democracy needs to adapt to the modern era.

This is why Jill wants to bring her skills to bear as our secretary of state. She believes that if we make voting easier and elections systems more secure, we’ll create a thriving 21st century democracy that empowers our citizens to make decisions and confront the challenges of this time. At its core, this election is about what we think our Democracy should look like.

Cindy Wilson for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Superintendent of Public Instruction, held by Sherri Ybarra (R) is challenged by Cindy Wilson (D).

Cindy’s message boils down to one key word: Learning. Idaho’s constitution guarantees all Idaho kids a “uniform and thorough” system of public schools. For over 30 years, Cindy has been in the trenches of this effort, teaching in the classroom and advocating for meaningful education reform. As Idaho’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy will show up! She’s been showing up for class every day for 33 years. Cindy has a vision to create excellent education for Idaho youth so that the next generation will show up for us!

Idaho District 8

Jon Glick for House Seat 8A

Idaho House Seat 8A is held by Terry Gestrin (R) and being challenged by Jon Glick (D)

Jon Glick worked 30+ years as a mental health counselor. He served as president of the Idaho Mental Health Counselors Assn, the Idaho Counseling Assn and the Idaho State Counselor Licensing Board. He helped write and pass legislation to license Idaho counselors, and helped secure insurance payments for counselors providing mental health counseling services.

He is co-chair of the Valley County Medicaid Expansion effort, which began in January 2018. He believes strongly in Medicaid Expansion and has spent considerable time gathering signatures in McCall and numerous other districts to ensure its success. Jon is passionate about people.

Lemhi County

Lemhi County Commissioner seat held by Brett Barsalou is being challenged by Bob Blackadar.

Bob is a Lemhi County local with deep roots in the valley. As a hard working rancher he knows the intimate details of local issues around water, hunting, fishing, river sports and the economy.


Idaho Proposition 1, Authorize Betting on Historical Horse Races Initiative

Lemhi County Democrats recommends voting AGAINST Proposition 1.

This legislation is about historical horse racing machines. It’s not actually about horse racing. It would legalize and allow these machines to be installed anywhere in the state that would allow eight days of live horse racing. While there may be some benefits to the proposal, its association with big money business, and the lack of transparency around distribution of incomes makes this proposal questionable.

The Idaho Press said, “A majority of our board members didn’t buy the argument that the state needs to allow the slot machines in order to maintain live horse racing, which can’t sustain itself without revenue from the slot machines. […] We are supporters of Idaho’s horse racing heritage, and we hope it can find a way to survive. But in the end, we don’t support this legal carve-out to prop up a private business venture that can’t stand on its own without it. Slot machines — even for a good cause — are just a step too far down the gambling path for us to support.”

Idaho Proposition 2, Medicaid Expansion Initiative

Lemhi County Democrats recommend voting FOR Proposition 2

This Medicaid Expansion Initiative is a grass-roots effort by the citizens of Idaho. This initiative was brought to the ballot by thousands of volunteers signing petitions to bring health coverage to their families and neighbors caught in the “Gap”. These are hard working folks, with jobs, who do not make enough to get their insurance through the Exchange.

Supported by:

  • Idaho Medical Association
  • Idaho Chap American Heart Association
  • American Lung Association
  • The Idaho Sheriffs Association
  • Idaho Education Association
  • Idaho School Boards Association

Medicaid Expansion Saves Money:

  • Lemhi County can reduce Indigent Fund spending to emergency rooms.
  • State of Idaho stops throwing away Federal dollars earmarked for this group.
  • Citizens don’t lose their homes caring for loved ones, and can access better care.

Lemhi County Democrats thank you for voting.