Advocate for Medicaid Expansion

Take Action: Your legislators need to hear from you!

Step 1: Find your legislative district and familiarize yourself with your representatives in the Idaho House and Idaho Senate.
Find your legislative district here:

Step 2: Plan your talking points. Be friendly but clear in what you are communicating. We want to convey

  • gratefulness (“Thank you for fulfilling the will of the people…”);
  • helpfulness (“I want to help anyway I can to see this implemented, so please don’t
    hesitate to call on me…”)
  • and personalization (“I’m a working member of the gap population and I can’t tell you how much of a difference this will make in my family’s life…”).

Our goal is to have legislators hear from their constituents. They need to know a clear and easy path is available to fully fund and implement Medicaid  Expansion, exactly as it was written.

Step 3: Make the calls! Write letters/email! Send in postcards!

Our message:
We urge them to support the will of the voters
● Prop 2 won with 60.6% of the vote
● It won in every region of Idaho
● Received majority support in 35 of 44 counties and 29 of 35 legislative districts.
● If you live in one of the 29 districts where Medicaid Expansion received more
than 50% of the vote, emphasize your districts percentage. District numbers
found here in Legislator Contact pdf.
We endorse quick and proper funding
● Costs for Medicaid Expansion will see 90% of funds coming from Federal funds.
The role of the legislature is to allocate the remaining 10%.
● The Governor-elect and the chairman of the House Health and Welfare
committee have expressed that the necessary amount of funding for Medicaid
Expansion is small and easy to allocate.
● Possible locations for funding include savings to the Catastrophic Health Care
Fund, the Millennium Fund, and the General Fund.
We oppose any changes to the law as written

● Proposing new Medicaid regulations will threaten access to care and increase
● We have seen in other states that barriers to coverage come with increased
administrative costs. These additional costs are not what Idahoans voted for.
● Any new regulations will create more red tape and government bureaucracy. This
will lead to qualified Idahoans losing coverage due to burdensome paperwork
and unnecessary deadlines.
● Instead of pursuing additional restrictions, we should focus on increasing health
care coverage.