Welcome to Lemhi County

A few interesting facts about Lemhi County and Idaho. 

  • There are a lot of Democrats and Independent voters in Lemhi County.
  • Idaho is more liberal than many people think:
    • Just a few decades ago we had Democratic governor and senators.
    • We are independent and believe in communities.
    • In general Idahoans support people over corporations.
    • We tend to know our neighbors and are caring and giving.
    • There is a lot of support for typical ideas such as  decriminalization of Marijuana and making sure health care is affordable.
    • Current issues of interest are improving education and there are a lot of options on the table.

Reasons to belong to the Democratic Party and Lemhi Dems

  • In order for democracy to work people need to come together in coalitions.
  • The Democratic Party is an avenue for conversations and creation of policies with a wide variety of people and interests.
  • Our participation helps set the tone of the party. The more we do, the more influence we have.